The Face Inc Review

Watch Review Video of Face Inc here: Beauty Review #1 The Face Inc @ QE3 My skin is naturally sensitive, and I don’t usually change the products that I use. But recently, I was given this range of products from Face Inc for a review, and I couldn’t be more excited to try it on!

‘Cafe Lumiere’ @ Christmas

Have been busy filming the past few weeks, that explains why I haven’t been posting anything up lately!😩 will share more of what I’ve been working on soon! One of the projects that I’ve been working on is this short film called ‘Cafe Lumiere’ directed and written by James Lee of Doghouse73pictures. It’s a […]

Omega Spectre 007 @ Grand Hyatt

Snapchats of the event on Youtube: #3 Omega Spectre 007 @ Grand Hyatt 上星期四,拖一位貴人的福, 我很幸運的有機會參與了馬來西亞Omega集團為即將上映的 Spectre 007 電影準備的華麗晚餐。 地點是 Grand Hyatt 的 Grand Ballroom。

Urban Decay @ zouk

Snapchats of the event on YouTube: #2 Urban Decay Party!  這幾天忙著為 ntv7 的農曆新年電視電影進行彩排,試裝定造型, 恰恰好有個空閒的晚上可以參與Urban Decay的一個小派對。

初次見面 :)

嘿嘿!初次見面! 而今天呢,是 QE3 名人部落格的media launch,接下來好幾個月我將會和大家分享一些拍攝的趣事啦等等等。所以在看著這篇blog的朋友們,一起多多交流咯 :)